Home Education – How a Tuition Service Can Help Students Get the Grades

Home Education – How a Tuition Service Can Help Students Get the Grades

With over sixty thousand students being educated at home, it is clear that home learning is more popular than ever before. However, the likelihood that a parent has the knowledge to teach a broad and balanced curriculum is unlikely, especially as students get to exam-level study. This being said, there is no reason why a child cannot have an outstanding educational experience when being homeschooled – check out some of our top tips to making sure your child excels when you teach them from home!

Get Advice

Despite the rise in home educated pupils, homeschooling is still seen as outside the norm, leaving parents with access to very little official advice instead of having to rely on parent networks for support. However, every Local Authority has a homeschooling team that should provide basic advice and support as well as monitoring to ensure that your child is making the required progress.

If you are struggling with knowing how to map out your days and want some advice, then reaching out to a tuition service is a great starting point. At Phi, we are always happy to answer questions, make suggestions and work with you to help you to achieve the educational standards you are striving for.

Read Up on the Curriculum & Exam Specifications

Whether a child is homeschooled or attends a school, there is an expectation that they will undertake formal exams to help them progress to the next stage of their life. If you are worried about how to manage this, then the best starting point is to read the curriculum and exam specifications that are easily accessible online.

Doing this will not only help you to understand what you should be teaching your child, but it will also provide you with a robust framework of things that need to be covered. From there, you can then add anything additional that you feel is important to your child’s education.

Talk to a Tutor

If you are worried that you are unable to provide a broad and balanced educational experience, then you have not failed, nor do you have to send your child to school. At Phi, many of our students are enjoying a home education and come to us for extension work or to cover subjects that are outside of their parents’ remit.

We arrange sessions to suit your timetable and can provide face to face and online tuition so that you can be certain that other commitments can be met too. Our team have many years of educational experience and truly are the best of the best!

Watch Your Child Blossom

The great thing about home education is that it gives you oversight of the progress your child makes and the privilege of watching them grow their knowledge. If you are keen to work with a tuition service that can help add to this experience, then Phi is here for you. We work with many home educated pupils and have been proud to be part of their successful journeys – call us today to find out more!

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