Is Now the Time to Overhaul the British Education System?

Is Now the Time to Overhaul the British Education System?

When you consider that the original UK education system was invented during Victorian times, you won’t be shocked to learn that many people think that now is the right time to make changes. From the development of technology to the demands of the economy, it is important to have an education system that is robust and current. However, the level of work that is required to overhaul the entire system is eye-watering, leaving us wondering if a significant change is really possible or not?

Why Are We Educating Students?

One of the first questions we need to consider when deciding if the system needs to be overhauled or not is our reason for providing education. It is a naïve view that education is just to enable children to read and write when in fact, the main reason is to help grow our economy and ensure that there are enough people to continue with the demands of work as older employees retire.

There is also a need to provide wellbeing support and help children to grow into well-rounded individuals, but this often takes a back seat when considering the main purpose of the UK education system at the current time.

How Can We Tell if Education Has Been Successful?

Many people base educational success on the outcomes that pupils achieve, and whilst this is an important part of education, it is not the only marker that success has happened. To understand whether students have been successful or not, we are told to look to school leaver information to see the levels of students that are moving on to further education or work.

However, we should also consider other aspects, including the wellbeing and mental health of students and the way they use their education to inform their life choices.

What Needs to Change?

When we consider changing a system, we need to decide what needs to change in order for it to improve. There are many critics of the British education system that feel that grouping students by age holds them back from succeeding, whereas others feel that the curriculum is too limited to allow proper education for the future needs of the world. Before any change is implemented, a clear idea of what it should look like needs to be agreed upon. Ultimately, any new education system must address the needs of future generations and provide an education that can be used to meet current and future societal needs.

How to Help Your Child Achieve Success

Regardless of whether steps to change education are made or not, students still need to be given access to the best possible academic opportunities. If you are worried that your child is not getting everything they need or that they require additional support to thrive, then using an online tuition service is a logical decision. At Phi, we prioritise student learning over everything and work hard to support learners to achieve both depth and breadth in their understanding. Get in touch with us to discuss what your child’s needs today!

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