What Best – Online or Traditional Homework?

What Best – Online or Traditional Homework?

We all remember the collective sighs when our teachers said that they were giving out homework and the irritation when it had to be done before we were allowed out with our friends, but has homework changed that much over the years?

Nowadays, students tend to be expected to navigate traditional homework tasks and online homework tasks. In reality, there is often very little consistency across the homework spectrum, resulting in different expectations per teacher. When you stop to think about everything your child is expected to do, you are probably left wondering which type of homework is best for their needs!

Traditional Homework

When we use the term ‘traditional homework’, we are referring to the types of activities that require children to sit and write in their exercise books, complete on worksheets, or read up on to get to the answer, and many parents love this as this is what makes them comfortable – because this is what we all did when we were at school.

There is a growing concern that this type of homework is no longer realistic and doesn’t help young people to understand the demands of the modern workplace. For example, when will they be expected to write pages of notes or hunt through outdated encyclopaedias to find information? However, before we dismiss traditional homework completely, it is worth remembering that some of the skills that come with this type of work will be invaluable when our children are navigating adult life.

Online Homework

The other type of homework that we see a lot as parents is online homework – where students are expected to research online or complete online activities that have been set by the teacher. Many parents are wary of this style of homework because it requires children to be on a device to complete and can often seem meaningless or game-like.

However, there are a large number of highly successful homework websites aimed at students and teachers that offer age and ability appropriate tasks that provide instant feedback when a task is completed. This type of homework is great, especially when your child is keen to see how well they are doing right away!

Combining Approaches

At Phi, we find the offering a variety of tasks, using a number of different mediums, provides the best results. This can include books, websites, research, study groups and more. The key to success with homework, or indeed any work, is to keep students engaged and on task. It’s commonly understood that breaking down tasks into smaller learning points produces more robust learning, and so we use this approach when we are planning tuition sessions.

If you feel that your child would benefit from this combined approach, then get in touch with our team to discuss what they need and let us help your child succeed.

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