The Impact of COVID-19 on Education

Whether you look at primary schools, secondary schools, universities or tuition providers like us at Phi, COVID-19 has had a huge impact on education and will continue to have. What is undeniable is the fact that it has changed education completely and left a significant mark on the way that

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How Social Segregation and Social Mobility Affects Outcomes

One of the most significant issues that affects outcomes is the way students live; the top 10% of citizens own more than half of the country’s wealth, and the gap between them and the most impoverished families is growing at an alarming rate. The Social Mobility Commission came into force

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Behaviour For Learning; How To Get The Most From Education

There are many barriers to learning, but one of the most common issues for students is the effect of negative behaviour. Poor behaviour for learning has a drastic impact on all students and stops everyone from achieving their desired outcomes. However, with a few minor tweaks, the behaviour for learning

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How To Create A Great Study Area At Home

The need for independent study is vital to achieving success, but many students fail to consider their environment before starting on their work. To help them reach their potential, you must provide a great study area that can be used to get homework and extended learning done. Read on to

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STEM Opportunities for School Students in 2020/2021

If you are a student, parent or teacher interested in finding opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM), then you may have concluded that there is little point in looking until the pandemic is under control. However, you may be pleased to learn that despite the new restrictions on

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How To Find A Balance Between Learning And Life

In a world where education is crucial to success, many students find themselves overworked and incredibly stressed. Finding a balance between learning and life is an essential part of a healthy life and achieving this not only results in lower stress levels but higher success rates. Check out some of

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Do Learning Styles Still Have Value in Education?

Understanding how we learn is an important step for any student to achieve success, and there was a time in education where discovering your learning style was a key part of the curriculum. Nowadays, with more pressure on passing exams and the recent COVID-19 disruption, learning styles are not as

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What Students Need To Become Effective Learners

Academic success is something that we all want our children to strive for, and many parents work hard to help their child understand the benefits of being successful in school. However, many of us forget that working hard is not the only key to success and that it is the

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Why Improving Vocabulary Improves Lives

It is well understood that a child that has a well-developed vocabulary often finds it easier to read and write with fluency but did you know that it also has links to improved confidence and wellbeing? In fact, so significant is a good vocabulary that teachers are being prompted to

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