GCSE Exams

Easing Stress During GCSE Exams Season

  Preparing for GCSE exams can lead to too much pressure on a student, especially children preparing for their GCSE. The longtime preparation coupled with reading and revising can be severe on kids. It can have an impact on their mental and psychological well-being. It’s advisable to allow children preparing

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Technology Takes Out Strain In Schools

Technology can transform how schools are managed overwhelmingly. As long as the relevant infrastructure is in place, there’s no reason why technology cannot make school management and operations easy. When the decision is to take up tech in the day to day running of the institution, there are bound to

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Performance-Related Pay, Not Appropriate For Schools

The impact of performance-based pay in different industries and sectors cuts different ways. On one end, advocates of performance-related payment say that it’s the perfect approach. Since it motivates employees and enhances the recruitment and retention of high-quality staff. But in the education sector, this method seems to be somewhat

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Medical School Application

Submit A Unique Medical School Application

Majority of students who send in their primary medical school application barely get accepted. Arguably, thousands of students apply annually, but only a few get acceptance letters. Some of them will enjoy the luxury of getting multiple acceptance offers. But, just what is the secret to a successful medical school

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Summer Courses Help Ease Academic Burden

Summer Courses Help Ease Academic Burden

Do summer courses help to reduce the academic burden? According to top scholars in leading universities, the answer to this question is yes. First off, different university faculties offering summer school courses rely on several factors. The availability of the instructor and the demand for summer courses topping the list

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learning environment

Technology vs Tradition: Creating the Perfect Learning Environment

Learners learn in various ways and contexts. This involves being taught in a physical classroom, interacting with the environment. It also involves observation and practical experiments outside the classroom. In simple terms, the learning environment is a combination of several factors. Such as the physical learning location, culture and context

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Kids Less Smart

Technology Makes Our Kids Less Smart

  Technology has significantly and rapidly changed our way of life in the last three decades or so. From the way we do our work, socialize, entertain, communicate and other things around us. Today, your personal computer, Smartphone, tablet and the internet among other more advanced technologies are part of

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Reality-Based Education

How Reality-Based Education Could Transform Learning

  For the last few decades, technology has revolutionised how we communicate, do our daily jobs and interact with others. This includes the internet, mobile technology and many other superior technologies. Things are easier and more interesting. Fair to say at this pace, the best is yet to come. The education

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handwriting skills

Does Handwriting Skills Still Matter In The Digital Age?

Technology has changed the way people communicate and live. In this digital age, written communication has shifted from being an art of pen and paper to typed texts on computing devices. So, does it mean handwriting skills has lost its place in society? With the innovation of advanced speech synthesis

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