Category: Careers

Category: Careers

Should Boys and Girls Be Educated Separately?

Single-sex education has gone in and out of fashion over the years and more recently has caused legal controversy when a Birmingham school was taken to court over their decision to separate boys and girls within a mixed-sex school. Academics and researchers have widely differing opinions on the topic and

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PISA Testing – The Lowdown

You may have heard of PISA testing and be left wondering what it is and what it does; we thought we’d take the time to share a brief overview so that you know what it’s all about. PISA is the Programme for International Student Assessment and was created to be

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The Benefits of STEM Education

The Benefits of STEM Education What is STEM Education? STEM education is the integration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to create an interdisciplinary approach to learning. STEM learning is highly thought of in both education and business as it is seen as the ideal way to provide a relevant

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right career

How to Choose the Right Career from School

  Life does not end after school. It starts once there are no more teachers asking for their assignments, gym class, or lockers. After school, you start making your own decisions about your life goals. When choosing the right career, it is vital to consider many career pathways. Such as

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GCSE Students

Revision Tips and Techniques for GCSE Students

  GCSE Students, as well as other students, will know that it’s no news that schools assess students with exams. They do this to test their knowledge. To determine if they’ve learnt and assimilated lessons over the course of study or semester. And these exams can be easy if one

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Handy Planning Ideas For Computing

  Computing and proper planning can be backbreaking work. But, this hard work can be simple with the aid of several planning ideas. There are many hand-picked units, good-to-go plans and well-drafted scheme-of-work in place. So, getting on with school work is now simplified for students and teachers. Below are

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GCSE Exams

Easing Stress During GCSE Exams Season

  Preparing for GCSE exams can lead to too much pressure on a student, especially children preparing for their GCSE. The longtime preparation coupled with reading and revising can be severe on kids. It can have an impact on their mental and psychological well-being. It’s advisable to allow children preparing

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Technology Takes Out Strain In Schools

Technology can transform how schools are managed overwhelmingly. As long as the relevant infrastructure is in place, there’s no reason why technology cannot make school management and operations easy. When the decision is to take up tech in the day to day running of the institution, there are bound to

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Performance-Related Pay, Not Appropriate For Schools

The impact of performance-based pay in different industries and sectors cuts different ways. On one end, advocates of performance-related payment say that it’s the perfect approach. Since it motivates employees and enhances the recruitment and retention of high-quality staff. But in the education sector, this method seems to be somewhat

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