Request a FREE trial lesson

Request a Free Trial Lesson

We are proud that all of our students benefit from our lessons and we would like to invite new students to see our difference and find out about the way we work.

No need to sign a contract or pay – it’s all on us!

How it will work

  1. Please submit the form below and a senior consultant will get in touch to find out a bit more about our student and decide with the student and the parent which class is most suitable for a trial.
  2. Once the student has been allocated to a class, the parent and the student will receive their credentials to log into our i-Nucleus portal.
  3. At the start of the trial class, the student will receive a notification via email, via our app and in the announcements tab and will be able to click the link to join.
  4. To fully benefit from the class, we ask our students to use preferably Google Chrome with access to their microphones and cameras, be in a quiet place and have their notepads and stationary next to them.

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