Tag: Exams

Tag: Exams

How Social Segregation and Social Mobility Affects Outcomes

One of the most significant issues that affects outcomes is the way students live; the top 10% of citizens own more than half of the country’s wealth, and the gap between them and the most impoverished families is growing at an alarming rate. The Social Mobility Commission came into force

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Why Improving Vocabulary Improves Lives

It is well understood that a child that has a well-developed vocabulary often finds it easier to read and write with fluency but did you know that it also has links to improved confidence and wellbeing? In fact, so significant is a good vocabulary that teachers are being prompted to

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Phi Tuition: A Levels and GCSE Results Celebration

Another year has come and gone; we are celebrating yet another victory. This year it was even more challenging than the previous years because of the reformed GCSE exams. It was announced that there would be a reformed grading system and exams this year for the GCSE. It was received

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