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Tag: technology

STEM Opportunities for School Students in 2020/2021

If you are a student, parent or teacher interested in finding opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM), then you may have concluded that there is little point in looking until the pandemic is under control. However, you may be pleased to learn that despite the new restrictions on

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Technology Takes Out Strain In Schools

Technology can transform how schools are managed overwhelmingly. As long as the relevant infrastructure is in place, there’s no reason why technology cannot make school management and operations easy. When the decision is to take up tech in the day to day running of the institution, there are bound to

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Technology vs Tradition: Creating the Perfect Learning Environment

Learners learn in various ways and contexts. This involves being taught in a physical classroom, interacting with the environment. It also involves observation and practical experiments outside the classroom. In simple terms, the learning environment is a combination of several factors. Such as the physical learning location, culture and context

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Kids Less Smart

Technology Makes Our Kids Less Smart

  Technology has significantly and rapidly changed our way of life in the last three decades or so. From the way we do our work, socialize, entertain, communicate and other things around us. Today, your personal computer, Smartphone, tablet and the internet among other more advanced technologies are part of

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Technology in Education: The Era of Digital Learning

Compared to around ten years ago, the level of technology in education nowadays is unprecedented. Most education providers rely heavily on technology to deliver courses and lessons to students. Likewise, most students, especially in western countries rely on technology in their studies. Devices like laptops, IPads, smartphones, etc. have made

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