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Founded in December 2013 by Dr Stathis Stefanidis, Phi Tuition is a leading tuition provider specialising in teaching Maths, Science and Computer Science at KS3, GCSE and A-Level.

At Phi, we have only one purpose: to inspire our students to achieve the highest level of academic success.

We work with students, families and schools to improve students’ exam performance in science and mathematics. On average, our students receive a grade two levels higher than they had previously been predicted to achieve. Our process focuses on developing the following key attributes:

  1. our students’ knowledge, so they are able to navigate the subject matter and context,
  2. our students’ skills, so they learn how to best approach problems and exam questions,
  3. our students’ confidence, so they are able to navigate new challenges with ease.


All of our tutors have superb teaching skills, are passionate about their subjects and are focused on delivering exceptional results for our students and their families.

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