Our Ethos

“We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”
– Aristotle  (384–322 BC)


Before all else, our ambition is to provide the highest possible standard of science and maths tuition.

It is also important to us that we have a positive social impact:

  • We believe that education at all levels is a great enabler and a catalyst for social mobility.
  • We also believe in education for all, regardless of race, gender or background.

The Phi Awards

At the end of each school year we run the Phi Awards to recognise our students’ achievements. Currently, there are ten awards, two for each level of study: Year 13 (A Level), Year 12 (AS Level), Years 11 & 10 (GCSE) and Years 7 to 9 (KS3).

  • The first award is given to the best performing student in each year based on their academic achievement, taking into account their performance in our tests and the quality of their delivered homework, as well as their attitude and participation in classes.
  • The second award is given to the most improved student at each level, taking into account the progress that they have made since joining our classes.

The Phi Scholarship

We are also delighted to continue to offer our annual Phi Tuition Scholarship programme.

This scheme offers three places to means tested* students who have a demonstrable academic track record, who have an interest in science and maths and who would benefit from tuition to enhance their exam grades.

This scheme is as follows:

  • One scholarship consisting of tuition for an AS or A2 subject (in maths, biology, chemistry or physics).
  • Two scholarships (at least one of which will be awarded to a female student) consisting of a one-term GCSE tuition course for maths, biology, chemistry or physics.

This award is adjudicated by a board chaired by our director, Dr Stefanidis. For further details, please contact our board.

Our charity

We also support a very special children’s charity that provides mental health support for young people – the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust.

* Means testing will be based on a confidential interview to discuss financial status and related circumstances.

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