Dear Parents and Pupils,

A very warm welcome to our website.

When I talk to our students, they often ask me what the secret ingredient is to our success. There are many elements that combine to form a successful learning experience but the one that I emphasize is a true passion for teaching.

We at Phi believe that teaching is not just about transferring knowledge but is about transferring a passion for the subject.

Instilling students with a crucial spark of inspiration will not only allow them to take ownership of the learning process but will give them a love for their subject that will translate into true confidence and stay with them throughout their lives. These are the key features that I believe underpin good teaching practice – and which serve as our guiding educational principles.

With more and more pupils per classroom in schools and with an unprecedented increase in competition to secure a place at a good university, most, if not all, pupils require focused attention to be paid to their needs. And this is true no matter how strong or weak they feel they are and no matter how good the reputation of their school or college is. With this extra support, every student can get the feedback and help that they need to succeed.

We design and deliver all of our courses to the highest standards in order to ensure that our pupils develop and consolidate their knowledge, down to the finest details. More able students are stretched beyond their current capabilities, while less able students are given the focused help that they need in order to improve and achieve the grades that they deserve.

I believe that education at all levels is a great enabler and a catalyst for social progress and mobility. Therefore, I’m very proud that we continue to offer the Phi Tuition Scholarship programme, to help bright students from low income families study Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) at GCSE and A Level, with a view to continuing the subjects at university.

It is a great pleasure for me to lead this exciting organization where, together with our students, we strive to make every single lesson count – with the same enthusiasm and passion that we had in our first class.

In times of ever-changing demands, and as our society transforms its needs faster than ever before, I trust you will agree with me that there is no better investment than an investment in knowledge.

I hope that you enjoy exploring the site and finding out more about us – and I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr Stathis Stefanidis
Founder & Director

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